Top Flight

Land Sailer Plans 

meets the U.S. and International Class requirements

of the "mini 5.6 design ".

This is of a fairly timeless tube-frame design of a kind that always works well. The goal while detailing and offering this design for sale, is to make it as easy as possible to fabricate. This is a fun project for the beginner as well as the experienced craftsman.

Especially avoiding the need for large and expensive machinery, nearly all of the parts can be fabricated with only a 14" carbide chop saw, small table saw and a drill press. A carbide hand grinder is used for finish work. In the area where special attention and cuts are needed, we have included simple tool drawings to aid in producing a professional looking boat. This being a family fun sport, it was important to keep the cost to a minimum. The boat shown in this photo cost about $250.00 to build.   .Lets get started today!


Top Flight

Land Sailer Plans

Complete set of Measured Drawings;

Only $49.50

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For only $49.50 you receive a complete 26 page set of Measured Drawings consisting of Assembly instructions, Parts List, General notes, Tool drawings, Source list and many photos. All this and Tech. support too.

The mini 5.6 boat consists of 5 primary assembly's and is easy to fabricate with using a few basic shop tools

Easy to read Drawings

International mini 5.6

Available in

Inch or Metric dimensions

Land Sailing

Land sailing is a family fun sport, offering a learning experience for all members of your family. Building your own boat offers a great opportunity for a  Father, Son / Daughter project and of course Mom too.

"Top Flight" Land Sailer Plans